C file descriptor write a prisoner

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write(2) - Linux man page

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Drawing from this thread discussing file descriptors and tables; I want to know how stdin (that is, file descriptor 0, not C's stdin FILE structure) is. how to return file descriptor in c [closed] Ask Question.

up vote-1 down vote favorite. 1. I am confusing with this.

File descriptor

This file descriptor may then be used as a handle for every operation (system call) you want to perform on the file: read, write, lseek and close (which releases the file descriptor).

You may refer to these system call's man. A file descriptor is a low-level integer "handle" used to identify an opened file (or socket, or whatever) at the kernel level, in Linux and other Unix-like systems. You pass "naked" file descriptors to actual Unix calls, such as read(), write() and so on.

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C file descriptor write a prisoner
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