Conventional insurance versus takaful

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4. No Conventional Insurance Takaful (Islamic Insurance) 1: This kind of insurance is a Risk Transfer Mechanism with the risk is removed from the policy holder who is the individual as insured to the insurance company in reflection of the insurance premium that is paid by the policy holder.

CONVENTIONAL INSURANCE: TAKAFUL: 1. It is a Risk Transfer mechanism whereby risk is transferred from the policy holder (the Insured) to the Insurance Company (the Insurer) in consideration of 'insurance premium' paid by the Insured.: It is based on mutuality; hence the risk is not transferred but shared by the participants who form a.

THE ISLAMIC INSURANCE (Takaful) ; A Remedy * Takaful is the Islamic alternative to conventional insurance * It is based on the idea of social solidarity, cooperation and joint sharing of. Both Takaful and conventional insurance policies work on the same basic system, which is the pooling of funds to manage the risk of a group of people.

Having said that, there are major differences in the workings of the two systems, stemming from the fact that Takaful adheres strictly to the Islamic principles it was developed upon. Conventional insurance typically charges a fixed commission fee of 2% whereas takaful operators might impose a ‘wakalah’ charge depending on the product and model.

The wakalah charge is.

Difference between Takaful & Conventional Insurance Conventional insurance versus takaful
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Difference between Takaful and Conventional Insurance