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A Book Report On Go Ask Alice English Literature Essay

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Go Ask Alice

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Alice begins to bond with Jerry and thinks that she makes her more than any idea that she has ever had. A short summary of Anonymous's Go Ask Alice. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Go Ask Alice. Shakespeare; Someone plants a joint in Alice's purse, and she leaves school to go to his office.

He consoles her, and gets her permission to study at the university library. Be Book-Smarter. Report Abuse Print. I remember Go Ask Alice from time to time when I see certain people in my own high school struggling with some of the problems Alice was.

For some reason my english. Alyson Mouzakis Ms. Brenner English 10 12 February Go Ask Alice Go Ask Alice is written by an unknown author, supposedly a diary of a young teenage girl in the ’s with a lot of self esteem issues that gets introduced to drugs.

Report Abuse Print. I remember Go Ask Alice from time to time when I see certain people in my own high school struggling with some of the problems Alice was. For some reason my english.

Go Ask Alice is based on an actual diary of a fifteen year old drug user.

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Names, dates, places, certain events, and drugs have been changed in accordance with the wishes of those concerned, and to keep appropriate. a) The story takes place in the 60’s, because the book had been published two years after Alice death in b) The story starts when Alice is fifteen and ended when she is seventeen, so it’s about two years in the life of Alice.

c) The story takes place in America. The names of the places.

English book report go ask alice
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