English comp 2 short story summary

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Short Stories

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English Composition II. ENGL Spring 01/17/ - 05/13/ Course Information. Students will learn basic elements of the short story and the important aspects of each. Students will learn to analyze a given story based on these elements and their parts. Summary and central idea; Paragraph 2 ( words) Character.

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Short Story Discussion #2 View the attached Critical Reading PowerPoint and focus particularly on the difference between summary, response, and analysis. Next, choose one of the short stories from the reading list, and write a one-paragraph summary, a one-paragraph analysis on one literary element, and a one-paragraph response.

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Description: English Composition II is the study of short stories with an emphasis an literary analysis. Students will write papers on theme (central idea), character, conflict, point.

Short Stories English comp 2 short story summary
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