English department dartmouth thesis

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Undergraduate Research

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Honors Programs in English and Creative Writing

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Can I—should I—write an Honors Thesis? Students eligible to apply to the History Honors Program are History majors who, by the spring term of their junior year, have achieved an overall College grade point average of and one of in History, based upon a minimum of five graded History courses.

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Many undergraduates in the department of economics collaborate with faculty on independent research projects and as research assistants.

These are a few of the research projects that our recent and current students have been involved with. The thesis must be submitted no later than the third week of spring term.

English Department

More information is contained in an announcement sent to current majors each year. It is available from the administrator of the Department. Information about UGAR programs can be found in the program-specific sections below.

Department of History

If you are a current student and have questions about UGAR programs, click. English. In the Purdue English department, you will learn the kind of adaptive thinking, empathy, and creativity that the current job market demands and that global citizenship requires.

English department dartmouth thesis
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