Importance of the english language

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What Is The Importance of English Language In Our Life

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Why is English important?

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What Is The Importance of English Language In Our Life

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In many students, children are taught and encouraged to achieve English as a second thing. Present-day English is an incredibly varied language, having observed material from many other areas. It has to be done relatively in English medium. English is an Indo-European language and belongs to the West Germanic group of the Germanic languages.

Old English originated from a Germanic tribal and linguistic continuum along the coast of the North Sea, whose languages are now known as the Anglo-Frisian subgroup within West Germanic.

As such, the modern Frisian languages are the closest living relatives of Modern English. First of all, the English Language society wishes to fully make English Language to be visible in the school compound.

To make the English Language to be visible in the school compound, five essential skills are needed to be promoted among the students, that.

The importance of Learning English

English language is an example for the importance of a language because it is the international language and has become the most important language to people in many parts of the world. It is most widely used in communicating around the world, Also it is spoken as the first language in many countries.

Realizing the importance, recently, the Minister of Indian Railways, Laloo Prasad Yadav, demands teaching of English language in schools. The great demand for admission in English medium schools throughout the country is a testimony to the attraction of English to the people of India.

Importance of English Language A language is a system for communicating ideas and feelings using sounds, conventional symbols, signs or marks. Any means of communicating ideas, specifically, human speech, and the expression of ideas by the voice and sounds and the written and spoken methods of combining words to create meaning used by a particular group of people.

The importance of English in education and student’s life cannot be denied.

Why is English important?

English remains a major medium of instruction in schools. There are large number of books that are written in English language.

Importance of the english language
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