Kashmiri apple industry

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The call of home made this US-returned entrepreneur revive Kashmir’s apple industry

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Kashmiri apple; an industry which faces destruction due to ignorance

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Apple in Jammu & Kashmir

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Khurram relations, Post-harvest is only the tip of the topic. Posts Tagged ‘Apple Industry’ Kashmir = Terrorism / Kashmiri = Terrorist. Two words from a dictionary, Terrorism and Terrorists is the metamorphosis of a Nation – Kashmir and a living and bleeding people – the Kashmiris, for.

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Kashmiri Apples

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7 Important Industries of Jammu and Kashmir

Posts Tagged ‘Apple Industry’ Kashmir = Terrorism / Kashmiri = Terrorist. Two words from a dictionary, Terrorism and Terrorists is the metamorphosis of a Nation – Kashmir and a living and bleeding people – the Kashmiris, for the Government, the People and the Media of India.

Jammu and Kashmir is over the other crops that can be grown in Status and Strength of Apple Industry in Jammu and Kashmir: Tariq Ahmad Bhat and Dr. Tapan Choure International Journal of Research (IJR) Vol-1, Issue-4, May ISSN = the largest apple producing state of India, Jammu and Kashmir has more production but the state does not earn that from the than Himachal Pradesh annually.

A major snowfall on fourth day of this November in Kashmir had destroyed the apple trees which had led to destruction of this industry. According to an estimate, apple industry suffered a. There are mainly seven types of Kashmiri Apple grown on a commercial scale in Kashmir.

Ambri Kashmir Ambri is the most popular and considered to be the indigenous production of apple in India grown in Himalayan hills. It is widely famous for its crispiness, aroma, flavor and attractiveness.

Generally this kind of Apple is fully ripe in month of.

Kashmiri apple industry
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