Teachers trained to use guns article

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Teachers Trained to Use Guns: Article Analysis

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Armed teachers aim to defend K-12 schools

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This Is What Would Really Happen if Teachers Started Carrying Guns

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Arming teachers to prevent school shootings is insane

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Armed Heroes in Teacher’s Clothing

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So, a trained police officer accidentally discharged a firearm at my step daughter's middle school today. But by all means, let's have the teachers carry guns. — Rob Garver (@rrgarver) March Feb 05,  · Participating teachers must have their weapon on them or secured in a lockbox, according to the policy.

The guns must be caliber or less. And McMahan said they must be. Aug 19,  · Teachers train to pack guns with lesson plans. with protection officers proudly boasts Shield Solutions stickers on every entrance to inform the public the school has teachers trained to use guns. Share Article Previous Next State lawmakers say the tragedy in Florida could lead to movement on a bill that would allow people, even teachers, to carry concealed weapons in gun-free zones.

Seneca T. Ortiz In the next three paragraphs I will be giving a brief summery on an article in the New York Times on the topic of, “A Missouri School Trains Its Teachers to Carry Guns, and Most Parents Approve” written by John Eligon.

Teachers trained to use guns article
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