Travel writing article submissions wanted

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Travel Writing Jobs

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They aim to respond to us within 30 days. We identify and make readers feel a little bit smarter. Become a Crappy Planet author.

We Said Go Travel Writing Contest

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Freelancers beginning their travel writing career are welcome to send submissions "on spec" after carefully reading some of our featured articles to understand our editorial preferences and ensure you are not writing an article on content previously covered.

This article features a full list of Christian magazines that pay writers; They prefer you to send them a query before proceeding with writing the article.

Travel Writing

8. FCA Magazine. Pay: culture and intentional living. They only want submissions from published journalists, and they pay within 45 days of publishing your article.

Most people dream of being a travel writer—imagine getting paid to travel the world. Travel writing can become a full-time passion if you like, or merely something you do on the side a way to justify a vacation and defray some of the costs, maybe write off your trip on your taxes.

Article Writing & Copywriting Projects for £20 - £ I am looking for someone who can write some articles and blog entries for me. These articles are going to be about the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa.

Each article should be words, but. Syndicated Writers: RTM will consider automotive and travel syndicated writer's work for monthly placement for a negotiated amount per article. Syndicated writers must agree in writing to the final negotiated fee before submitting their work to RTM. Submit a Short Story / Article / Poem or Creative Work We welcome your submissions of short stories, articles, poetry and creative work (including video) for consideration of publication on the Inspirational Storytellers website.

Travel writing article submissions wanted
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Travel Writers Wanted