Woolworths quality assurance standards

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Food Safety-HACCP

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Woolworths Supplier Excellence (WSE)

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The quality of products and operations are of significant importance to Teys Australia. Simply click on a specific certificate to view more information. The Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) Standard represents benchmarking of the Woolworths Quality program against global product safety standards and international retailing best practice.

The WQA Standard applies to vendors supplying Fresh Food products including Woolworth’s branded food and consumer products. Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard: adapted for suppliers of liquor, the standard continues to be benchmarked against global standards, such that it continues to meet the requirements of the Woolworths business.

Woolworths Ltd are expected to maintain certification to the WQA Standard.

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- Woolworths Quality assurance standard (WQA), - BRC global standard for food safety This is a ticket to trade as it is a global product safety and quality certification programme built. Quality Assurance Quality assurance is based on setting agreed quality standards at all stages in the production of a good or service in order to ensure that customers’ satisfaction is achieved.

Woolworths QA (WQA) Version 8 May 22, By Scott With the release of WQA Standard Version 8 all Woolworths suppliers (large or small) must be compliant by 03 June

Woolworths quality assurance standards
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