Writing a section 21 notice to quit

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Section 21 Notice to quit is a legal tool, which the landlord can use to regain possession from a property which is let under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

It gives the landlord the right to request you to leave the property, giving you two months of time under the rules of Section The Housing Act of Section 21, stated that a minimum of two months notice must be served on a tenant. In the Housing Act was amended slightly and under Section 98 of the Housing Act, it is stated that the notice must be served in writing and must contain prescribed information as a minimum to comply with the Housing Act.

[Update 29/09/ New regulations correcting the obvious errors in the new prescribed section 21 notice have now been made. See here.]. On 1 Octobera whole range of changes come in, which affect whether or not a landlord can serve a s notice on an assured shorthold tenancy (in England).

If you have an assured shorthold tenancy, then a section 21 notice is the most common way of starting the eviction process. Giving you notice is how your landlord tells you that they want you to leave their property and the date they want you to leave by.

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